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Question Paper and Answer Key for the post of Librarian

Question Paper and Answer Key for the post of Librarian Examinations held on 17/03/2024 are now available for review. Please find the documents attached below:


Note: The correct option is highlighted in bold letters. 

Q1 What is the full form of ISDN? 

a. International Standard Digital Network 

b. International Standard Distributed Network 

c. Integrated Services Distributed Network 

d. Integrated Services Digital Network 

Q2 SDI stands for: 

a. Selective Dimension of Information 

b. Selective Dissemination of Information 

c. Selective Diverse of Information 

d. Selective Dissimilar of Information 

Q3 The RFID tag used on products or library materials typically measures:

a. 25 mm X 50 mm 

b. 50 mm X 50 mm 

c. 75 mm X 50 mm 

d. 80 mm X 50 mm 

Q4 Punctuation mark used for GMD (General Material Description) in AACR-2R:

a. Full stop, dash, space 

b. Square bracket 

c. Equal sign 

d. Colon 

Q5 In MARC 21, Titles, edition, imprint information, etc. fields are:

a. 1XX 

b. 2XX 

c. 3XX 

d. 7XX



Q6 KWOC stands for: 

a. Knowledge Word Out of Context 

b. Key Word Out of Content 

c. Key Word Out of Context 

d. Knowledge Word Out of Context 

Q7 Internet telephony is also known as: 

a. Voice over Internet Protocol 

b. Bluetooth 

c. RJE Terminal 

d. Transmission Protocol 

Q8 Classified Catalogue Code was designed by Ranganathan in the year ______. a. 1931 

b. 1932 

c. 1933 

d. 1934 

Q9 ‘Indian Science Abstracts’ is an example of _______ sources of Information. a. primary 

b. secondary 

c. tertiary 

d. non-documentary 

Q10 A written statement that defines the duties, relationships and results expected of  anyone in the job is called: 

a. Job Specification 

b. Job Enlargement 

c. Job Enrichment 

d. Job Description


Q11 The library needs a book already out on loan that still needs to be due for return, and  the circulation section may ask the borrower to return the book to the library. Such  practice is called: 

a. Reminder 

b. Renewal 

c. Re-issue 

d. Recall 

Q12 In DDC (19th Edition), Table 2 deals with: 

a. Languages 

b. Areas 

c. Persons 

d. Racial, Ethnic, National Groups 

Q13 A ______________is a locally stored Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). a. Thread 

b. Thunderbird 

c. Bookmark 

d. Webcasting 

Q14 TIFF stands for: 

a. Tagged Image File Format 

b. Transfer Information File Format 

c. Tagged Information File Format 

d. Transmission Image File Format 

Q15 Dewey Decimal Classification was first published in: 

a. 1874 

b. 1875 

c. 1876 

d. 1877 

Q16 In which budgetary method is "the entire budget justified from scratch"? a. Performance Budgeting 

b. Programme Budgeting 

c. Zero-Based Budgeting 

d. Planning Programming Budgeting System

Q17 Which of the following is incorrect about Current Awareness Service (CAS) types? a. Title announcement service 

b. Announcement of research in progress 

c. Advance information about forthcoming conferences 

d. Document Delivery Service 

Q18 ________ means searching the literature related to a particular topic. a. Literature search 

b. Proximity search 

c. Open search 

d. Field search 

Q19 How many Auxiliary Tables are there in the 19th edition of DDC? a. four 

b. five 

c. six 

d. seven 

Q20 Identify the "Third Law of Library Science": 

a. Books are for use 

b. Every book its reader  

c. Every reader his book  

d. Library is a growing organism 

Q21 ‘IndCat’ is an online union catalogue of libraries of: 

a. Indian Universities  

b. IITs 

c. IIMs 

d. Indian universities and colleges 

Q22 Which law of Library Science put forward the provision of "Stack-Room Guides"? a. First Law 

b. Second Law 

c. Third Law 

d. Fourth Law


Q23 In which year, the "West Bengal Public Libraries Act" was enacted? a. 1978 

b. 1979 

c. 1980 

d. 1981 

Q24 Which of the following sources is a list of persons or organisations systematically  arranged? 

a. Yearbook 

b. Directory 

c. Almanac 

d. Encyclopaedia 

Q25 Indicate the ‘Facet Formula’: 





Q26 "Grouping of documents having the same or similar subject content" is called: a. Library Cataloguing 

b. Library Schedules 

c. Library Notation 

d. Library Classification 

Q27 Which service of the following demands creating a ‘user’ profile? 

a. SDI 

b. CAS 

c. Reference 

d. Referral 

Q28 The planning and controlling of financial resources is known as: a. Estimation 

b. Statement 

c. Budget 

d. Allocation


Q29 ‘Khuda Baksh Oriental Library’ is located at: 

a. Ahmedabad 

b. Lucknow 

c. Hyderabad 

d. Patna 

Q30 ISBN now consists of: 

a. 10 digits 

b. 12 digits 

c. 13 digits 

d. 14 digits 

Q31 "Touch Screen" is a: 

a. Input device 

b. Output device 

c. Storage device 

d. Magnetic storage device 

Q32 What is the purpose of "Notational Plane"? 

a. To give serial number 

b. To give some symbol for identity  

c. To give class number 

d. To give book number 

Q33 RRRLF provides financial assistance to: 

a. College Libraries 

b. University Libraries 

c. Special Libraries 

d. Public Libraries 

Q34 ‘India: A Reference Annual’ is published by: 

a. Ministry of Culture, Government of India 

b. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India c. Ministry of Education, Government of India 

d. National Book Trust


Q35 ISO-2709 is related with: 

a. Standard for exchange format for bibliographic descriptions 

b. Standard for Computer Hardware 

c. Standard for Information Processing  

d. Standard for Networking 

Q36 Which of the Library Science laws has implications on the arrangement of the  documents in the APUPA pattern? 

a. First 

b. Second 

c. Third 

d. Fourth 

Q37 The provision of maps and additional Information as a special feature in: a. Geographical Sources 

b. Biographical Sources  

c. Statistical Sources  

d. Bibliographical Sources 

Q38 The concept of "Truncation" is applied in: 

a. Citation analysis 

b. Automatic indexing and abstracting 

c. Search formulation 

d. Machine translation 

Q39 "Patents" fall under the category of: 

a. Primary sources 

b. Secondary sources 

c. Tertiary sources 

d. Primary & Secondary sources 

Q40 In SOUL 2.0, the organization of the MARC record is based on the record structure of  the ISO standard: 

a. ISO-2708 

b. ISO-2709 

c. ISO-2710 

d. ISO-2711


Q41 Z39.71 standard for: 

a. Information interchange format 

b. Holdings statements 

c. Bibliographic data interoperability 

d. Distributed cataloguing 

Q42 The Traditional Knowledge Digital Library is a well-known Indian digital library  initiative being implemented by: 

a. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) 

b. IIT Delhi 

c. Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru 

d. National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research  (NIScPR) 

Q43 ‘Structured data about data’ is called: 

a. Databank 

b. Database 

c. Micro Data 

d. Metadata 

Q44 Which of the following is an Institutional Repository Software Package? 

a. Joomla 

b. KOHA 

c. EPrints 

d. Drupal 

Q45 Million Book Project was initiated by: 

a. Carnegie Mellon University 

b. Pittsburg University 

c. Michigan University 

d. MIT, USA 

Q46 WorldCat is maintained by 

a. British Museum  


c. OCLC 

d. Library of Congress


Q47 Where is the head quarter of Patent Information System in India? 

a. Delhi 

b. Kolkata 

c. Mumbai 

d. Nagpur 

Q48 Web of Science is a product of  


b. OCLC 

c. Library of Congress 

d. Clarivate Analytics 

Q49 The concept of ‘Co’ in the acronym POSDCoRB means 

a. Communication  

b. Collection 

c. Cooperation  

d. Comprehension 

Q50 Who formulated staff formula for college and university libraries in India? 

a. Melvil Dewey 

b. S R Ranganathan 

c. ALA 

d. ILA 

Q51 The Drury principles are related to the 

a. Library management 

b. Library classification 

c. Library cataloguing 

d. Book selection 

Q52 What is the main source of income for the public libraries in those states where  legislation have been enacted? 

a. Tax revenues 

b. Grants under centrally sponsored schemes 

c. Library Cess 

d. Private Philanthropic Contributions


Q53 What is called the concept which make quality responsibility of all the persons within  an organization? 

a. Management of Quality 

b. Quality Management 

c. Total Management 

d. Total Quality Management 

Q54 Tooling of book is a function of 

a. Acquisition section 

b. Technical section 

c. Circulation section 

d. Maintenance section 

Q55 APUPA pattern is related with which process? 

a. Classification 

b. Cataloguing 

c. Acquisition 

d. Documentation 

Q56 Educational Psychology is example of  

a. Fusion 

b. Fission  

c. Clustering 

d. Distillation 

Q57 The Classification Research Group (CRG) has its headquarter? 

a. Paris 

b. Bangalore 

c. The Hague 

d. London 

Q58 “Dynamic Theory” of classification was suggested by 

a. Dewey 

b. Ranganathan 

c. Sayers 

d. Brown 

Q59 Which is the oldest classification scheme in the following? 

a. UDC 

b. DDC 

c. CC 

d. LC

Q60 Which series of the following class numbers belong to first, second and third  summaries of DDC consecutively? 

a. 800, 320,624 

b. 560, 400, 120 

c. 300, 624, 310 

d. 110, 345, 000 

Q61 Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) was developed by 

a. Melvil Dewey 

b. WCB Sayers 

c. S R Ranganathan 

d. Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine 

Q62 The index of DDC is known as 

a. Relative index 

b. Book index 

c. Comparative index 

d. Sequential index 

Q63 The main source of information for cataloguing a conventional document is its – 

a. Title Page 

b. Index Page 

c. Content Page 

d. Whole Book 

Q64 World’s biggest union catalogue project is initiated and maintained by OCLC is called 

a. Unioncat 

b. Worldcat 

c. Grandcat 


Q65 According to AACR – II, author of map or an atlas is  

a. Publisher 

b. Translator 

c. Cartographer 

d. Illustrator 

Q66 Which of the following types of memory is volatile? 

a. ROM 

b. RAM 

c. Hard disk 

d. Cache Memory

Q67 The Visual Display Units (VDU) are used for 

a. Input device 

b. Output device 

c. Optical device 

d. Storage device 

Q68 Which of the following organization was the first time usage of computers in the field  of a library? 



c. DRTC 


Q69 The software CDC/ISIS is related with 


b. ALA 

c. IFLA 

d. ILA 

Q70 The physical arrangement of computers in a network is called 

a. Networking 

b. Switching 

c. Bandwidth 

d. Topology 

Q71 INFLIBNET is proposed to link up mainly _________. 

a. Academic Library 

b. Public Library 

c. National Library 

d. Special Library 

Q72 Google search engine was launched in the year _________. 

a. 1995 

b. 1996  

c. 1997 

d. 1998 

Q73 Find the ODD one. 

a. Google Chrome 

b. Internet Explore 

c. Safari 

d. Ubuntu

Q74. Zotero is  

a. Library Management Tool 

b. Statistical Analysis Tool 

c. Serial Management Tool 

d. Reference Management Tool 

Q75 NDL-India is developed and maintained by 

a. IIT, Roorkee 

b. IIT, Kharagpur 

c. IIT, Chennai 

d. IIT, Delhi 

Q76 In which year the Delivery of Books Act was passed 

a. 1954 

b. 1964 

c. 1971 

d. 1981 

Q77 Dublin Core is related to 

a. Metadata 

b. ISBD 

c. MARC 

d. CCF 

Q78 The term ‘information transfer’ was propounded by 

a. J. Martin 

b. Beesman 

c. Calvin Moores 

d. D.S. Harder 

Q79 Who is responsible for the development of Uniterm Indexing? 

a. Martimer Tube 

b. Ganesh Bhattacharya 

c. HP Luhn 

d. None of the above 

Q80 Library and Information Science Abstract was originally published by 

a. IFLA 

b. LA 

c. ILA 



Q81 The concept of five fundamental category has been used in 

a. CC 

b. UDC 

c. DDC 

d. LC 

Q82 The present name of ASLIB is 

a. Association of Library and Information Bureaux 

b. Association of Special Library and Information Bureau 

c. Association of Information Management 

d. Association of Library Science 

Q83 Ranganathan Committee Report on development to university and college libraries  was published in 1959 by 

a. RRLF 


c. UGC 

d. ILA 

Q84 Who was the propounder of ‘Decachotomy’? 

a. Melvil Dewey 

b. F.C. Lancaster 

c. C.A. Cutter 

d. S.R. Ranganathan 

Q85 ArXiv is a  

a. File Extension 

b. Video Hosting Service 

c. Repository of Electronic Preprints of Scientific Papers 

d. National Archives of Austria 

Q86 The term hypertext was coined by whom? 

a. Ted Nelson 

b. John Brown 

c. J.W. Wilson 

d. None of the above 

Q87 Who gave the term ‘Modes of Formation of the Subjects’? 

a. J.D. Brown 

b. S.R. Ranganathan 

c. Melvil Dewey 

d. E.C. Richardson

Q88 ‘Law of Parsimony’ refers to  

a. Overall performance 

b. Overall economy 

c. Overall evaluation 

d. Overall management 

Q89 ‘Cataloguing in Publication’ programme was introduced by 

a. IFLA 

b. Library of Congress 

c. LA 

d. RRLF 

Q90 The Vidwan Database is maintained by 





Q91 The IFLA Annual General Conference, 2019 was held in 

a. Athens 

b. Paris 

c. New York 

d. Kaula Lumpur 

Q92 As per Indian Copyright Law, a book becomes copyright free  

a. Fifty years after the book is published 

b. Fifty years after the death of the author 

c. Sixty years after the book is published 

d. Sixty years after the death of the author 

Q93 Which Plagiarism Detection Software is currently provided by the INFLIBNET? 

a. Turnitin 

b. DrillBit 

c. Ouriginal 

d. Urkund 

Q94 RDA stands for  

a. Resource Description Agency 

b. Reference Description and Access 

c. Reference Description Agency 

d. Resource Description and Access


Q95 The concept of ‘Pre-Natal cataloguing’ was introduced by 

a. S.R. Ranganathan 

b. Seymour Lubetzky 

c. Margaret Mann 

d. C.A. Cutter  

Q96 The term ‘Library 2.0’ was coined by 

a. Michael Casey 

b. Tim Berners 

c. Mark Zuckerberg 

d. None of these 

Q97 What is the standard for bibliographic data interoperability? 

a. Z39, 83-1 

b. ISO- 2709 

c. ISO/Cd 28560-3 

d. ISO-2700 

Q98 National Virtual Library of India is funded by 

a. Ministry of Culture 

b. Ministry of Education 

c. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 

d. Azim Premji Foundation 

Q99 Application of EzProxy in Library is associated with 

a. Remote Access to E-Resources 

b. Remote Cataloguing 

c. Library software Provider 

d. Library Serials Provider 

Q100 In the context of electronic resources, COUNTER is associated with? 

a. Trial access activation  

b. Preservation  

c. Usage statistics  

d. Subscription Model of e-resources