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International Conference of Asian Libraries

International Conference of Asian Libraries

"Academic Libraries: Sustaining Excellence Through Innovation & Technology"

26-27th April 2024

Organized by Akal University, Talwandi Sabo, Punjab

Collaboration with Asian Library Association, New Delhi

Session Topic Details
Data Management: Emerging Landscape - Research Data Management
- Big Data and Data mining
- Development in Open-Source Technologies
- Knowledge Management in Libraries
- Managing & Maximizing Research Impact
- Emerging Research Metrics
Collection Development Policies in Digital Age - Open Archive Initiatives (OAI)/Post Metadata Harvesting (PMH)
- Multimedia Content Management
- Sustainable Digital Library Model
- Environment, sustainability, and libraries
- Semantic and Ontology, Taxonomy Management
Emerging Digital Landscape - Emerging Digital Paradigm
- Emerging Trends in Digital Governance
- Knowledge through social media
- Tools & Technology of SNSs
- Social Media and Applications in Libraries
- Library Outreach, Marketing, and Advocacy
- Digital Age
- E-Learning – Altmetrics, User Case Studies
- Digital Preservation and Access
- Management
Emerging & Innovative Technology Applications in Libraries - Library Security Tools, Technologies, and implementations
- Open Access: New trends in Publishing Scholarly Communication
- Research Tools, Techniques and Methodologies
- Discovery and Remote Access Tools & Service in Libraries
- Open-Source Software application in Libraries
Transforming Library Spaces into Cultural Hubs - Designing of Library Spaces as "Learning Commons."
- Library Spaces and New Services
- Libraries as Social & Cultural Hubs
- Transforming Libraries into Happening places
Capacity Building & HR Management in Digital Age - Skill Development and Competency Management
- Modern Librarianship and Ethics
- Role of Librarians and Libraries in Institutional Rankings
- Challenges in Managing Modern Libraries
- Electronic Vs Print Resources,
- Crowd sourcing, Online Book Stores Vs Traditional Book Shops