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Design a Logo for Commemoration of 250 years of Rampur Raza Library


The winning entry will be awarded with a prize amount of Rs. 11000 and a certificate. Also, the best 10 entries will be awarded with certificates.

Terms and Conditions
1. Each participant is allowed to submit ONE entry only.
2. Only one design shall be chosen as the winning logo.
3. The participant should make sure that his/her MyGov profile is accurate and
updated since that will be used for further communication. This includes details
such as name, photo, complete postal address, and email ID, and phone number.
Entries with incomplete profiles would not be considered. The participant & profile
owner should be the same.
4. The logo design shall be an original work and should not violate any provision of
the Indian Copyright Act, 1957. and the same should not have been previously
shared on social media / digital media.
5. Rampur Raza Library shall not be responsible for any third-party claims made
against the design. An entry shall be disqualified if it is found that the logo design
is not an original work/has been plagiarized/copied;
6. The logo will become the complete property of Rampur Raza Library. Rampur
Raza Library has the right to use, edit, print, and exhibit the chosen logo for
promotional purposes in any medium or format it deems fit, whether for local or
international purposes, and without having to further notify or compensate the
7. The logo design shall not contain elements that could be considered sensitive,
offensive, provocative, objectionable, or inappropriate.
8. Entries must be made by the closing date and in the manner set out in the contest
rules & regulations. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
9. The participant will be required to provide his/her name, email address, telephone
number, and postal address.
10.Each participant must submit a brief description (maximum 100 words) of the logo
along with the image (i.e., an Explanation of the logo, symbol, color, etc.).
11.Designing of the logo can be in multicolor and should also be reproducible in
12.Participants should upload the Logo in JPEG/JPG/PNG/SVG formats.

Start Date : SEP 06, 2023
Last Date : SEP 20, 2023 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

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