Syllabus for Junior Library Technician

Library and Society:

Laws of Library Science; Types of Libraries; Library Associations, Systems and Programmes; History, Library Movement and Library Legislation in India; Organizations and Institutions involved in the development of Library and Information Services - UNESCO, IFLA, FID, INIS, etc.

Library Management:

Collection development and Selection Principles, Acquisition Procedure for books, journals, Library Personnel and Library Committee, Library Rules and Regulations; Library Finance and Budget; Human Resource Management; Principles of Library Management, Library Organisation and Structure; Use and Maintenance of the Library - Circulation, Maintenance, Shelving, Stock Verification, Binding and Preservation, Wending out, etc.

Knowledge Organisation: Library Classification and Cataloguing:

Canons and Principles, Library Classification Schemes - DDC, CC, UDC; Library Cataloguing Codes - CCC and AACR; ISBD; MARC; CCF; ISBN; ISSN; etc.

Reference and Information Sources and services:

Types of information resources, Bibliography and Reference Sources; Sources of Information -Primary, Secondary, Tertiary; digital documents; Information Services: e-resources, Consortia, eShodhsindhu, etc.

Concept and need for Information; Types of Documents; Nature and organization of Information Services, Abstracting and Indexing Services; Computer based Information Services - CAS, SDI; Information retrieval, etc.

Information Storage and Retrieval:

Information Storage and Retrieval Systems -Sears List, PRECIS, POPSI, KWIC etc.; Vocabulary Control; Search Strategies; Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems etc.

Information Technology, Recent ler trends in Libraries:

Generations of Computer, Classification of Computers; Computer memory and their types; Computer Architecture; I/O devices; Programming Languages & Operating Systems; Application Software; Library Automation and software packages; Internet; Digital Libraries; RF1D; Networks DELNET, NICNET, etc.; National and International Information Systems - NASSDOC, NISCAIR, DESIDOC; etc.


General English; Drafting of letters/notices/other forms of communications in English; General Arithmetic; General Knowledge; Current Affairs; Reasoning and Logical Abilities; etc.