Syllabus for - Senior Library Assistant, Library Assistant and Assistant librarian 


Syllabus for the Post of Sr.Library Assistant/Library Assistant


1) Basis Reasoning

 Analogies  Relationship concepts  Figure odd one out  Direct Sense  Number series

2) Basis English = 10 Marks  Articles  Synonyms/Antonyms  Preposition  Verbs  Spellings

3) General Awareness = 10 Marks  General current events (National Level)  Sports  India culture  Capital/State  Geography of Jammu and Kashmir  History of Jammu and Kashmir  J&K Reorganization Act,2019

Subject Matter- UNIT I

(i) Types of Libraries and their Features (ii) Five Laws of Library Sciences (iii) Library legislations in India (iv) Digital Library (v) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) (vi) National and International Library Associations: ILA, IASLIC, IFLA, ALA, etc. (vii) National and intercalation Agencies: UNESCO, OCLC, UGC, INFLIBNET, DELNET etc. (viii) Information Centres, DRTC, ISI, NISCAIR, NASSDOC, DESIDOC, etc. Unit-II (i) Basic Terminology: Call Number, Class Number, Book Number, Isolates (ii) Classification; concept & purpose. (iii) Types and characteristics of classification scheme. (iv) ISBD, ISBN, ISSN; (v) Classification schemes. Features of DDC, UDC, and CC (vi) Five Fundamental Categories (vii) Notation: Definition and Purpose (viii) Library Catalogue; Definition and purpose (ix) Cannons of Classification and Cataloguing Unit-III (i) Principles of Book Selection (ii) Selection Tool; Print and Non-Print Materials (iii) Processing of Documents; Accessioning, Classification, Cataloguing, labelling and shelving (iv) Difference between catalogue, Accession Register, bibliography and Shelf list. (v) Serials/Journals; Selection and procurement (vi) Book Transaction System: Traditional and Modern (vii) Stock verification of Books; Methods and Tools (viii) Weeding Process. SKUAST-KASHMIR Unit-IV (i) Information sources: Definition, types and importance. (ii) Information Services - Types of Reference service, CAS/SDI, Ready reference service, Long Rang Reference Service (iii) Reference Librarian: Role Skills and Competences (iv) Types of Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias (v) Geographical and Biographical Sources (vi) Indexing and Abstracting Sources (vii) Types of Bibliographies (viii) Bibliographical Sources. (ix) User Education/ Information Literacy Skills (x) International Information System; INIS, AGRIS, MEDLARS/MEDLINE. Unit-VI (i) Library Automation (ii) Barcode, RFID, QR Code, Biometric System, Smart Card - Features & Applications. (iii) Digital Libraries and Institutional Repositories; Initiatives – National & Institutional. (iv)Computer Technology - Computer Hardware/Software. (v) Computer Networks - Topologies, Types of Networks. (vi)Internet and WWW; Search Engines. (vii) Data Security, Network Security, Firewalls, Anti-Virus Software.