LARRDIS          Library and Reference Research Documentation & Information Service

The primary objective of the Parliament Library and Reference, Research, Documentation and Information Service (LARRDIS) is to cater to the multifarious information needs of members of both the Houses of Parliament and provide, inter alia, research and reference material on legislative and other important issues coming up for discussion before the two Houses— the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. To achieve this objective, the Service consists of professional and non-professional staff and is divided into seven Divisions: (i) Library Division; (ii) Reference Division; (iii) Research and Information Division; (iv) Media Relations Division; (v) Parliament Museum and Archives Division; (vi) Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training; and (vii) Computer (Hardware & Software) Management Branch (Software Unit). These Divisions have been further subdivided into various functional Wings and Sections with well-defined duties and spheres of work. (English)  (Hindi)