Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam

ADVT. NO. IIMV/HR/RECTT./NTS/01/2023 DATED 10-05-2023

  • Post             Senior Library & Information Officer
  • No of post  01 
  • Age Limit  Maximum 45 years
  • Pay           Pay Level 10


Educational Qualifications

Essential: Post-Graduate Degree in Library & Information Sciences

Desirable: Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN)/PhD


Work Experience

Essential Post-qualification Experience:

• 16 (Sixteen) years of relevant experience


• 03 (Three) years of regular service in Pay Level 8 in a Central Government Organization, Central Autonomous Body, Institution of National Importance, Central University or Higher Educational Institutes in Library, dealing with functions mentioned in job description for the position separately.


(1) Experience in a Centrally Funded Technical Institution

(2) Thorough hands-on experience in the use of Library Automation Tools, MS Office, web-conferencing tools (e.g., Zoom and WebEx)

(3) Excellent communication skills (oral and written) and excellent interpersonal skills.

(4) Thorough hands-on experience in the use of tools like KOHA etc.


Duties & Responsibilities including, but not limited to the following:

  • 1. Consulting and coordinating with faculty and students and preparing inventory of all knowledge/learning resources such as books, journals, magazines, databases etc. (in physical and/or virtual/electronic form) to be procured;
  • 2. Issuing library membership to the eligible staff and students, ensuring timely renewal and revocation of the same;
  • 3. Maintaining records pertaining to issue of knowledge/learning resources to the members and recalling them by due dates;
  • 4. Identifying 'Library dues' for the members from time to time and initiating action thereon;
  • 5. Preparing Library Budget Estimates as per timelines;
  • 6. Planning and procuring the knowledge/learning resources following due process and within approved budgets;
  • 7. Effecting the procurements at the most competitive price, in consultation with other IIMs and in accordance with guidelines of government authorities/agencies like the MHRD;
  • 8. Ensuring that the licensing policies of the knowledge/learning resources deployed / in use in the Institute are duly complied with, at all times; that there is no violation of Intellectual Property Rights such as Copy Rights; and that the Institute stands indemnified and held harmless at all times;
  • 9. Using a duly licensed, up-to-date version of computer-based Library Management Software at all times;
  • 10. Ensuring that the physical stock of knowledge/learning resources and the inventory maintained in the computer system tally at all times; 11. Managing shelf and storage space/area in the Library, efficiently, by organizing / arranging the resources in a streamlined and orderly manner; 
  • 12. Ensuring that the versions, subscriptions, memberships pertaining to knowledge/learning resources are maintained up-to-date and/or renewed well within the expiry dates;
  • 13. Handling efficiently, the institutional memberships in library-associated bodies like ShodhSindhu, INFLIBNet, Delnet etc.
  • 14. Facilitating the organization of book exhibitions, periodically;
  • 15. Facilitating Inter-Library Loan / Referencing;
  • 16. Guiding, supervising, mentoring and coordinating the activities of the junior executives/officers, staff, library interns et al;
  • 17. Ensuring safety and security of library premises and resources;
  • 18. Ensuring that any misuse, un-authorized use, loss, damage etc. to/of library resources/property due to any reason is brought to the notice of the reporting (higher) authorities, immediately;
  • 19. Ensuring all knowledge/learning resources are always maintained in good-to-use form with no impairment;
  • 20. Ensuring that the library resources are made available and accessible to users at all times in accordance with the policies of the Institute, physically and virtually (remotely);
  • 21. Ensuring that library premises is maintained in a neat and tidy manner and also ensuring that pest-control is carried out at regular intervals, in order to ensure good upkeep and longevity of library resources;
  • 22. Assisting the faculty members in collecting, compiling, collating data and information to serve their academic and research activities;
  • 23. Collecting, compiling, analysing and monitoring library-usage data;
  • 24. Ensuring storage, retrieval, record-keeping etc. of library resources in an efficient and effective manner;
  • 25. Deploying, leveraging and facilitating use of appropriate technologies and processes for effective use of library resources, including by those with special needs / differently-abled persons;
  • 26. Working in close coordination with Dean(s), Program Chairs, Activity Chairs and Faculty for timely procurement of needed knowledge/library resources;
  • 27. Providing periodic training to users on utilizing the library resources efficiently and effectively;
  • 28. Ensuring physical stock verification is carried out at least once in a year and reconciling the differences in a given time-frame; Bringing any irreconciled differences / discrepancies to the notice of higher authorities, immediately;
  • 29. Coordinating with the Website / Intranet Management Teams and ensuring that the availability of library resources is portrayed up-todate and accurately at all times; and made accessible seamlessly;
  • 30. Assisting the reporting / senior authorities of the Institute in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities relating to the above functions and activities;
  • 31. Carrying out any other task as may be assigned from time to time.

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates are invited to apply for the suitable position using the on-line application form available on the website (  )

Closing date & time for submission of online applications: 09-06-2023 17:00 Hrs