KVS Librarian

Exam Paper Questions & Answer of 2015


1.In India Public Library Development s a Movement initially started from which city?


2.Who is the Director of Public Libraries in India ,according to Library Legislation Of India?

-Chief Executive at State Level

3.’Library grows and grows endlessly’ is

-Fifth Law of Libbrary Science

4.India’s first library legislation after Independence was enacted in :

-Tamil Nadu

5.In India “Book Week ” is celebrated in the month of:


6.In India the Library Science Education Started at:

-Baroda in 1911

7.American Library Association(ALA)  has instituted which medal to promote love for books and reading :

-Caldcott Medal

8.Open Access system of Library is associated with-

-Third Law of Library Science

9.First Indian University that converted Diploma in library Science into Bachelor’s Degree was:

-University of Delhi

10.Proper organisation of reading material and efficient charging system is the implication of-

-Fourth Law of Libary Science

11.In which State there is no provision of library cess in Public Library acts?


12.What is the standard size of Catalogue Card used in Library?

-12.5 X 7.5 cm

13.In Computer terminology  Bug  stands for:

-Programming Error

14.According to Colon Classification(CC),J is Known as :


15.Catalogue is refered to as a:


16. ThePatents are regarded as:

-Primary Sources

17.ISSN Stands for:

-International Standard Serial Number

18.Which is the process to train the Professional Staff within the Library?

-Job Rotation

19.According to the Ranganathan ,the percentage of the total budget of the library to be spent on the reading materaials should be:


20.The PPBS technique was developed by

-Rand Corporation

21.PERT means:

-Programme Evaluation Review Technique

22.The Zero based Budget was first published in:


23.The seven step of Planning was formulated by :


24.Thesis is an example of:

Conventional Document

25.The grant from the UGC for the Academic Libraries :

-Ad-hoc Grant

26.The Indexing Periodicals Provide us-

-Complete Bibliographical Description of the Article-s

27.The Arrangement of the main entries in the classified Catalogue is done by which Scheme

-By Classification Scheme

28.The frquency of  INB (Indian National Bibliography is :


29.The Collection of Maps ,Tables ,charts is:


30.Translation of a document is :

-Not a source

31.In a Library Scheme of collection,numbers are devised and maintained by:

-Technical Section

32.A Database is a collection of :

-Records in Machine Redeable Form

33.A Heading which is party relevant to the subject sought is ;

-Basic Subject

34.Which of the following codes was considered the complete codification  for subject Catalogue:

-Ranganathan Code

35.Survey of the users are most useful in:

-Public Libraries

36.The Strings of 8 Bits is called as:


37.Initiation of the readers means:


38.Open access system was first initiated by:

-State Lenin Library

39.Researchers are :

-Both Consumers and Generators of the Information

40.Library Development plan of India was drafted by: