Customized Digital Library OS




The following Free / Open Source Software has been integrated in the Digital Library OS.

* MOODLE - Open Source LMS (Learning Management System) http://www.moodle.org 

* GNU MediaGoblin - Decentralized Web platform for hosting Digital Media Contents (Photos, Videos and Documents) https://mediagoblin.org/ 

* DSpace 6.2 - Institutional Repository software (with JSPUI and XMLUI Enabled) https://www.duraspace.org/dspace 

* Greenstone Digital Library Software http://www.greenstone.org/ 

* e-Prints Repository Software http://www.eprints.org/uk/ 

* KOHA Library Automation Software https://koha-community.org/ 

* phpBB - Free and Open Source Forum Software https://www.phpbb.com/ 

* Wordpress Blogging Software https://wordpress.org/ 

* Drupal - Open Source CMS (Content Management System) https://www.drupal.org/ 

* LimeSurvey - Opensource Surveys / Assessments / User Feedbacks https://www.limesurvey.org

* OrangeHRM - HR Management System https://www.orangehrm.com/ 

* Squirrelmail (for College Intranet Webmail + Dovecot + Exim4 Mail Server) https://squirrelmail.org/ 

https://www.dovecot.org/ https://www.exim.org/ 

* MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL Database Services (All pre-configured) https://www.mysql.com  https://www.mariadb.org  https://www.postgresql.org  

* Offline version of Khan Academy LE (Learning Equality) https://learningequality.org/ka-lite/v

* OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) for Workflow automation / IT Helpdesk https://otrs.com/


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